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Tuesday 16 April 2013

The Therapy Zone

Page Six
      I haven't the faintest idea why I have been given my own colunm. I think it might very well be another ploy by No.2 to get me to give the reason behind my resignation. Well I did tell the Colonel that it was a matter of conscience. Not to mention No.2, that it was for peace of mind, because too many people know too much. But I don't somehow think No.2 was listening, or possibly it wasn't the answer he was either looking for or expecting. But there it is, I knew how it would be, and it was as though no one tells No.2 anything. Perhaps next time round it will be different and he'll listen!
   Anyway, I think that despite the devaluation of the pound............. why don't you people listen to me? It's no wonder I'm so pissed off!

Is No.2 Value For Money?

    This No.2 has just returned to the village after a spell of leave. He is the only No.2 who was to have ever been allowed to go on leave in mid-term of office. He is also the most active, and accomplished No.2 the village and its citizens have ever enjoyed.
   Not this No.2 to become involved with No.6, as he has been much involved with his administrative details of the village. He has overseen the new mural in the Library. There's a new golf course, and clock golf. Not to mention the new 'Blue Zone' in the post, whatever that might be. I asked No.2 about this new 'Blue Zone' postal service. "Well, its err a little difficult to explain. You see new post boxes have been placed around the village. Well they are coloured blue, and you put your letters in the blue box which the postman comes and empties at the end of the day."
   Another accomplishment of this busy and energetic No.2, has been the electrification of the clocks, for which the citizens of this our fine community are best pleased with. But the question has to be asked "Are the citizens getting value for their credit units?"
    Although this No.2 has been most active in his administrative details, does his hard work really warrant a spell away from the village on leave? Certainly it is a demonstration of the trust which No.1 places upon this current No.2. But really, to have this No.2 brought back to the village after such a spell of leave, then to announce his retirement, boarders on the absured! Surely it would have been better not to have wasted time and effort in transporting this No.2 back and forth, to and from the village, and a saving of public funds, if No.2's retirement had been announced before sending him on leave!
   I understand that this question has also been raised at committee level. I spoke with the Chairman of the committee earlier today. He informed me that he would have to put it to the councils sub-committee first. Then upon their decision, the question of leave for in-term No.2's would be discussed in committee sometime at a later date.

Page 6
    Well what do you expect me to write? We tried why I resigned last time..... and you've been told, and it's not my fault if you weren't listening. I suppose you want to know if I escaped or not. Well no, it started all over again at the end of Fall Out, and I ended up still as much a Prisoner at the end as I was the beginning. Which is confusing enough as it is, where does it all start? Some say with Arrival, while a small minority group would have you believe that it all starts with Fall Out, and that I became a Prisoner because of my actions of that episode, in my rejection of ultimate power and the confrontation of my other self.

Be seeing you.

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