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Thursday 11 April 2013

Caught On Camera

Mary Morris "It says here in my script that my carnival character is Robin Hood -woman in tights."
Norma West "Surely not."
"Well that's what it says here."
"Well why don't you ask Pat."
"I don't like to, he's got a lot on his plate."
"Well ask him anyway."
"Shall I?"
"I would in your place, he's got the script."
"Pat, it says here in my script that my carnival character is Robin Hood-woman in tights."
McGoohan ""What about it?"
Mary Morris "Well I don't think I'm right for the part."
"Doesn't the costume fit?"
McGoohan "Well there you are then. Robin Hood or Peter Pan, it's all the same to me."
The conversation died down to a silence.
Mary Morris "Then there's this line I have to say Norma - then how very uncomfortable for you old chap."
Norma West "What's wrong with that?"
"Bit masculine wouldn't you say?"
"Perhaps. Ask Pat about it."
"Should I?"
"Well he's sat here isn't he, go on, he won't bite."
"Pat, about this line....."
McGoohan "What line?"
"Then how uncomfortable for you old chap."
"What about it?"
"It seems,,, a bit masculine. As though it were written for a man."
"It was, Trevor Howard. He couldn't do it in the end. So we got you for the part instead."
"Yes, but the line."
"What's the matter with it?"
"Well, nothing really. Thinking about it, it works quite well, the sort of thing No.2 would say."
"What the hell are you going on about then. haven't I got enough to be getting on with. Give me a cigarette."
Norma West "You've smoked 4 packets already, and we've only been shooting half  the morning!"
"Shooting? Yes that bloody damned director over there wants shooting!"
Mary Morris "Why, what's Don Chaffey done wrong?"
"Don, oh I must have been thinking of someone else. Coat hangers!"
Norma West "What about them?"
"Symbolic wouldn't you say?"
"I've never really given them much thought."
"Fine, that's decided then."
Mary Morris "What's decided?"
"We'll get some coat hangers from wardrobe, and go with Peter Pan then."
Norma West "And I'm little Bo-Peep."
"Who always knows where to find her sheep!"
"It's a wonderful costume."
McGoohan "Well you're alright then. Come on Don, get that bloody scene set up, we're behind time as it is! If you can't get it right I'll do the **!?/" myself!"


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