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Friday 12 April 2013

Village Life!

   "Aren't you Ian Fleming?
   "I'm Bond, James Bond."
   "How do you do mister Bond."
   "No, mister Ian Fleming, Mister James Bond!"
   "Well that's the introductions over, what do you want?"

   "Oh I see what you mean, people are always making that mistake! No I'm not Ian Fleming,  I'm the Ian Fleming the actor. I have two roles in this episode. One as "first Top Hat," and now I'm the "Man at the cafe. I was born in 1888, and since coming here to England I've had a most interesing acting career. I've been in 'The Citadel,' Ghost Squad,' Dr. Finlay's Casebook,' 'No Hiding Place.' Listen I was once in a television series with John Gregson called 'Gideon's Way.' Did I tell you about the time I was in 'Douglas Fairbanks Jr Presents' 1956 to 57....................."
    "Well I'm very busy this morning..........!"
    "Have you seen my uncle Stephen?"
   "He's not here as well is he?!"

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