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Thursday 25 April 2013

School Days

   "Those were the days, the days that are gone. The faces forgotten, the memories linger on........"

   Here he is, our prize pupil Number6 who has been found playing truant on the beach, and what's more he's been caught by the prefects! It seems that they don't want Number 6 to be late for the Professor's next lecture.

    Ist Prefect: “You had better come with us Number 6.”
    No.6: “Why?”
   Ist Prefect: “The Professor is about to give his next lecture.”
   No.6: “What's it about?”
   “The Professor's lecture.”
   “How should I know?”
   “Aren't you one of his students?”
   “Well then.”
   “I think its history.”
   “Do you think he'll make it?”
   “The Professor, he's due to lecture in a few minutes.”
   “I know. I was about to tell you that!”
   “I'm psychic, I read minds, just like Number 24.”
   “Look are you coming with us peaceably, or do we have to use force?”
   “Your pal doesn't say much does he.”
   “He's the strong silent type.”
   “And you're the intellectual one.”
   “Look come on, get in the taxi.”
   “Why not?”
   “Because I'm going to stand up to you school bullies!”
   “Why you snivelling little creep!”
   “Names can't hurt me.”
   “Look No.6, give us your dinner money and we'll say no more about it you odious little tic!”
   “Get *&"!!?*!”
   “Look Number 6 there are two of us......”
   “Yeah, and I know origami!”
   “Look, we don't want any trouble from you Number 6.”
   “Then why come looking for it?”
   “Think you're tough don't you. Just because you're Captain of the boxing team!”
   “I can shoot and fence as well you know.”
   “Look be reasonable No.6. Let us give you a lift back to school.”
   “No. I'm going to stop here and have a smoke.”
   Park Drive or Woodbines?”
   “I smoke Senior Service!”
   “Not No.6?”
   “Are you trying to be funny?”
   “No.2 smokes Players No.6, he went into the General Store and ask for twenty No.6!”
   “Your not trying to be funny!”
   “That's what the shopkeeper said! I mean it was bad enough that time when there were just two of you in the Village.......................”
   “Lets go”
   “Back to the Village. The Professors due to lecture in a few minutes.”
   “But I thought you didn't want to go.”
   “Anything’s better than standing here listening to you taking the **(! out of me!!”
   “Look mister. We're not school bullies. We're Prefects.”
   “Same difference!”
   “Get in. You'll be late for school!”
   “Shall we sing the school song as we go?”
"These are the days, the days that are gone...........................................”

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