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Thursday 25 April 2013

The Therapy Zone

    We know where No.6's sympathies lie, but if he's looking for any sympathy in the village, he'll be a long time getting any! In the village any citizen can be placed in the following categories For, indifferent or Against so let us see how things work out in the case of No.6, without being too paranoid, and taking most things into account.
No.2-Mary Morris Dance of the Dead 'This man has a future with us."
No.2-Leo McKern Once Upon A Time 'I was a good man, I am a good man. But if you get him he will be better."
Mrs. Butterworth-Georgina Cookson Many Happy Returns 'No! You mustn't go like that."
No.2-Peter Wyngarde 'No, he's far too important for that."
Monique/No.50-Annette Andre Its Your Funeral who needs No.6's help to stop the assassination plot, for the sake of her father.

No.2-Leo McKern the Chimes of Big Ben
No.2-Eric Portman Free For All
No.2_Andre Van Gyseghem Its Your Funeral
No.2-Kenneth Griffths the Girl Who Was Death
No.2-Clifford Evens Do Not Forskae Me Oh My Darling
Doctor No.14-Sheila Allen A B & C

No.2-Guy Doleman Arrival
The new No.2 George Baker Arrival 'If you don't give us what we want, we'll take it!"
No.2-Colin Gordon A B & C Takes any risk to get what he wants!
No.2-Anton Rogers The Schizoid Man cunning
No.2-Georgina Cookson Many Happy Returns calculating
No.2-Patrick Cargill Hammer Into Anvil sadistic
No.2-Rachel Herbert Free For All malicious
No.2-Deren Nesbitt Its Your Funeral cold and calculating.
No.2-John Sharpe A Change of Mind vicious
No.40/the doctor-Duncan McCrae Dance of the Dead
No.22/the doctor-Patricia Jessel Checkmate
No.8-Nadia-Nadia Gray The Chimes of Big Ben
Fortheringay-Richard Wattis The Chimes of Big Ben
The Colonel -Kevin Stoney Arrival
Cobb-Paul Eddington Arrival
Thorpe-Patrick Cargill Hammer into Anvil
The gardener checkmate
No.24/Alison-Jane Merrow The Schizoid Man
No.66/the Prisoners personal maid Arrival
Martha{Mrs. Butterworth's housemaid}

    And I'm sure that you could add further names to these categories. Betrayal is the name of the game in the village. Acts of betrayal are not only carried out by those enemies within the village, but also by friends who are brought to the village! I wonder which act of betrayal against him, No.6 finds most hurtful? By the likes of No.24-Alison for example, someone he doesn't really know. Or by old friends and colleagues, such as the Colonel and Fotheringay? I know which must surely hurt the most..... Damn you Fortheringay! And to think they were at school together!

   During an interview carried out with Prisoner cameraman Jack Lowen at the 1996 Prisoner convention at Portmeirion and this is what he had to say when asked: Was the Prisoner a nightmare to work on? Jack Lowen: No, it was quite fun to work on, but I was only on it for a relatively short time because someone had already left. To me the Prisoner was going to be something that went .. Danger Man.
    Was the character in the Prisoner John Drake?
    Jack Lowen: Oh undoubtedly. In McGoohan's mind anyway. The way it was written - the way he was doing it - it was him having resigned literally. He'd resigned in real life from being John Drake and this was what happened because of it.
    So would you say that George Markstein's story that it was going to be John Drake, but they did not want to pay Ralph Smart royalties on the character of John Drake, was correct, so that is why he became Number 6?
    Jack Lowen: Well, I expect that came into it. But let's face it, the way Pat then worked on the series, to have everybody with numbers and nobody having names, it didn't need to be John Drake. He didn't need to use a name. The name had already gone in any case.

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