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Saturday 20 April 2013

The Therapy Zone

Information And Observations
    We commence with No.6 being a cat lover. Well he must have been , given that he gave the cat a saucer of cream, and didn't like to disturb it lying upon his bed that night of ‘Dance of the Dead.’ Mind you, having said that, he soon altered his attitude 'Never trust a woman, not even the four legged variety,' meaning the cat of course!
    No.240 said that she had got to know No.34. Well she didn't get to actually know No.34, only his manner, his likes and dislikes. How he spent his time in the village.
    The original name for the estuary and area of Portmeirion was Aber ya, meaning frozen mouth. Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, architect of Portmeirion, had the name changed. Port to give it a place on the coast, and Meirion to put it in the county of Meirioneth.
   The first to have Portmeirion put on their maps, were the Germans. This to give the pilots of Gereman bombers a reference to help guide them on their bombing runs to Liverpool.
    F-BNK is the registration number for the Alouette helicopter which features in Arrival, throughout 'the Prisoner' series in stock footage film.
    G-AVEE is the Alouette helicopter featured in ‘The Schizoid Man.’
   Portmeirion features in 5 episodes of ‘Danger Man.
   Six of One The Prisoner Appreciation Society was formed on January 6th 1977.
    Once upon A Time was a breakaway group from Six of One, which originally went under the name of the Sussex Group, before changing it to Once Upon A Time, becoming a society in its own right, and traded out of America.
    It has been noted that the general public was not supposed to be aware of the actual location of the village until the opening sequence of Fall Out. However this cannot be the case, judging by the number of visitors to Portmeirion, and guests actually staying there, who appear on production photographs of filming of 'the Prisoner' at Portmeirion.
    In 1981 the hotel at Portmeirion burned down, the reason for the fire was the careless discarded lighted cigarette.
    In 1988 the hotel at Portmeirion, fully refurbished, reopened.
    Arrival was first screened here in Britain, in London, part of ITV's local network, at 7.30pm on September 30th 1967.
    Although fundamentally a British series, "the Prisoner" actually premiered in Canada in 1967.

The Meeting Of Two Selves
   Myself and himself you might call them, or the on the other hand the one alter ego of the other. Certainly this meeting has been seen as too much for No.6 to bear, in finding out that he is in fact No.1, and has been so all along. How he then goes berserk, chasing No.1 round the control room, then launching the rocket in order to destroy his alter ego and the village into the bargain.
   Yet is that scene really like that? Is not No.6, who is unemotional, cold and calculating as he reveals No.1 to be himself! As he then proceeds to chase No.1, who he finally seals in the nose cone, before setting the countdown for the launch of the rocket. As for the destruction of his alter ego - No.1. Well yes I have to go along with that. But No.6 might not be quite the man he was without his alter ego. Perhaps he'll find himself more quiet and sedate in the future, unable to make the difficult decisions he once did, the hard and difficult decisions which his alter ego made for him on more than one occasion.
   Judging by the evidence of the scene itself, I would say it is not No.6 who goes berserk, but No.1! No.1 who has been confronted by his alter ego, who cannot face the truth of the matter. That he has been the Prisoner-No.6 all along.
   Faced with this truth, No.1 starts running about the control room, laughing maniacally, as he desperately trying to evade his other self, which he finally does by climbing the steel ladder up into the nose cone of the rocket. Giving one final, defiant maniacal laugh as he drops the hatch on his adversary.

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