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Friday 12 April 2013

The Penny Farthing Badge - Symbol Of Authority Or Brilliant Logo? our own reporter asks

   It has been said of the canopied penny farthing badge, that the penny wheel is symbolic of the Earth, the farthing wheel- the village - showing us that when we look at the Village we are actually seeing the Earth, society in fact. The canopy covering the entire penny farthing symbolises the fact that freedom is in some way restricted. Society restricts us in many ways. The canopy literally blocks out the light, and therefore the light beneath is artificial.
    It has also been said that only Unmutuals do not wear the penny farthing badge. That is not true. The doctor who carries out the Prisoner's first medical is seen not to wear a badge, nor the Butler, the Professor and his wife. In fact one example of an unmutal to be seen wearing his badge during the episode of A Change of Mind is No.93, who self-confesses that he's disharmonious.
   The canopied penny farthing badge is a symbol  of authority which citizens recognise by wearing themselves, pinned to lapels and striped jerseys alike. And is, by way of the number, the authorities are able to identify their citizens.
   So is the canopied penny farthing badge a symbol of repression, or simply a never to be forgotten logo which you automatically recognise as being associated with the Prisoner?

our own reporter

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