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Tuesday 23 April 2013

The Therapy Zone

    Sometimes, in a quiet moment, when I'm sat here alone in my study, I find myself thinking about those tormented souls who live here in the village. And I can instantly call three specific people to mind, three souls who are in deepest torment.
    Madam Professor;
who came to the village, with her husband the Professor, of her own free will. Her husband who she loved, and cared for so much that she would talk him into doing anything to keep him alive. Her husband who was electrocuted to death by his own creation, as he fought to save it. Now Madam Professor is condemned to spending the rest of her life here in the village, in reduced circumstances no doubt.
    No.2, who through his own paranoia became a weak link in the chain of command.
   His mistrust of anyone, and everyone in the village, even of those most closest to him, aided No.6's vendetta against him, and lead to his ultimate breakdown. Left as he was, to live out the remainder of his days in the psychiatric ward of the hospital.
   Finally there is Janet Portland, possibly the most tormented soul of the three.

   Janet has no idea where her fiancée is, and cannot be sure whether or not her father, Sir Charles Portland, is telling her the truth when he said he has no idea where her fiancée is. And that he hasn't sent him on a mission.
   Then a miracle happens, her fiancée returns to her, albeit in the guise of another man, but a kiss tells here that this man, the Colonel, is her fiancée. Yet as soon as her fiancée returned to her, she went and lost him for a second time, which must have broken her heart. Especially when you consider that her fiancée appears not as the man she fell in love with, and that she'll probably never know what has become of him. The best thing one can say about Janet's torment, is that she knows nothing of the village!
   Each of these poor tormented souls are worthy of our sympathies, yes even the sadistic No.2, who was brought to his knees by his own paranoia.

At Janet Portland's Birthday Party
   Well she wasn't wearing a dress of yellow silk this time, and her birthday party seems to be attended by middle aged people. Well when all's said and done Janet Portland is a middle aged spinster! But I mustn’t be ungracious towards the birthday girl
   Yet I cannot but help feel that there is something’s seriously wrong here. I mean the birthday party looks staged to me. And what's that film crew all about for start? And then there are all those overhead lights - anyone would think we're on a sound stage! But that would be ridiculous. It would mean that none of this is actually real, that everyone here is either playing a part, or filming someone playing a part. And if they are, whose benefit is it all for? Janet Portland's, the Colonel's, or her fiancée? Sir Charles Portland perhaps, or is it the television viewers?
    Janet Portland was one of the last debutantes, to 'come out' into society in 1958, and claim herself a husband. Well that didn't quite go according to plan, did it! So no doubt when John Drake asked Sir Charles for his daughters hand in marriage, he probably couldn't believe his luck. Sir Charles was going to get his daughter off his hands at long last. Well for Janet to have been a debutante must have cost Sir Charles a small fortune!
   Anyway I'm off to have a dance with the birthday girl, and get an interview into the bargain, if I can prize the Colonel away from her that is. If her fiancée could see them together, I don't think he'd be too impressed.... do you?

Be seeing you

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