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Friday 26 April 2013

The Therapy Zone

Fall Out
   Supervisor-No.28 "I look down on him because I hold a very important position."

The Butler "I wish I could get this blasted door open!"

The Prisoner "I look down on both of them, because I have survived the ultimate test."

Supervisor "I look up to him, because he is going to meet No.1"

The Butler "I look up to both of them, because I represent the little man in society. And I still can't get this blasted door open!"

The Prisoner "I wish I could go back!"
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The Prisoner Secret Revealed!
    The beautiful village in which The Prisoner is being held.... where is it?
    This question has tantalised viewers. They seem more interested in locating the spot on the map than puzzling out why The Prisoner , Patrick McGoohan, is in company with brainwashed people.
    Well it's a tiny village perched by the sea in Tremadoc bay.
    It's Italian bell tower, which dominates the typical North Wales scene.
   It is called.... PORTMEIRION. And thousands of people know where The Prisoner is being held.
    Portmeirion, with its privacy, is a far cry form The Prisoners village of all-seeing television camera spy-eyes. Those Mini-Mokes whiz about the village in the series, but in reality visitors leave their cars in the hotel car park.
   "The helicopter caused quite a stir and brought the locals out to see what was going on," said Miss Mary Roberts, secretary to Mr. Clough Williams-Ellis, the 84 year-old Welsh architect who designed Portmeirion."
    "Some of the local people were enlisted as extras in the crowd scenes. We were all invited to see the film at the cinema in Portmadoc. It was quite fascinating."
    "There were mixed feelings here," said Mr Williams-Ellis. All those under 50 welcomed the television people and thought it was great. Those over 50 regarded them as intruders."
    Portmeirion is still incomplete after 40 years.
    When the holidaymakers leave, the builders move in to expand the beauty of Mr. Williams-Ellis' ideas.
   Now the filming is over... the excitement has evaporated. The only people left in Portmeirion are the gardener, the builders and the half dozen families.

{appeared in the Sunday times 1968}

Medical Examination
   "Slippers" said the doctor on the occasion of the Prisoner medical.
"My size?" the Prisoner enquired.
"Naturally" replied the doctor.

   Well they would be wouldn't they, and used ones at that! They couldn't even find the Prisoner a new pair of slippers, given someone’s old cast-offs he was. Or was he, I shouldn’t wonder if this pair of used slippers were not McGoohan's own! Much in the same way that I shouldn’t wonder that the pair of spectacles No.6 found in the breast pocket of the white coat he wore in the episode Dance of the Dead, were not also McGoohan's own spectacles.
  If not, then a special pair would have had to be found, if not made, with the lenses as plain glass so that he could see properly. But if McGoohan were to have worn his own spectacles, that would have made sense. No messing about and saving both time and money at the same time.

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