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Saturday 27 April 2013

Tonight On The Video Channel

    This series is going along much too quickly for my liking! Tonight Darling, in which love is a manufactured thing, in a laboratory. A gene similarity, which has been replicated, and 4-15's genes are injected into Six, and makes him fall in love with 4-15 who has been brought to the Village in order to break Six's heart. But back in New York Michael has fallen in love with Lucy, who is 4-15 back in the Village!
    There is a danger in the Village, holes are appearing, no not in the script, in the Village! 147 loses his daughter 832 to one of these holes, lost forever. Two describes these holes as a nothing, they are oblivion! Six wants to go down one of the holes to rescue 832, but lacks the courage. If only he was strong enough, believed enough, then Six would find his way back to the "other place" through the hole.
    Six loses the woman he was going to marry to one of these holes, into which she hurls herself. While at the exact same moment Lucy in New York, dies when Michael's flat explodes because of an apparent gas leak. Just a Arrival outside the Solar Cafe a chap sat playing chess has a transistor radio, and over the radio there is a report about a gas leak in New York which has caused an explosion, just before the Solar cafe explodes! That appears to be the same report about the apparent gas leak causing an explosion in Darling. who says THEPRIS6NER is uncomplicated?
   313 is also in love with Six, but Two gives her pause to think. Because how does 313 know that her love for Six is not itself manufactured through gene similarity? The more gene similarity, the more two people love each other!
   There are overtones of both 'A B and C' and 'Living In Harmony' of the original series about this episode. And I always think Two's sofa has a nice touch about it.
   At this end we have Two, so at the other end there must surely be Un-Two, that is someone who is not Two!

Breathe in...Breathe out.....More....Village!

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