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Tuesday 16 April 2013

Project Village

    You are here for rest and relaxation, that is all. You must not be concerned in any way, or about anything. Nothing will be asked of you, no questions, no prolonged interrogations. I have read the doctor’s report, and it reads very favourable. I have to say that they put you through the mill, not very subtle our eastern friends. More brute force when psychology and the drugs fail. But I have to say that you are mending quite nicely, that’s why you are here, to be put back together again eh Humpty Dumpty!
    “Humpty Dumpty.”
    “What, what did you say?”
    “Humpty Dumpty.”
    “All the kings horses.”
     “And all the Kings men………”
    “Couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again!”
    Well we’ll have to see about that won’t we. Now for official purposes everyone here has a number, yours I see is 77. I don’t know why, 77 was available there’s nothing more significant in it than that. Your home has been made ready for you, try to take things easy at first, no need to rush about. Settle down, meet a few people, you might even meet people you know. Well perhaps not, not that you would remember even if you did. But everyone is very friendly. I see from your file, yes we do know everything about you. From the time and date of your birth, to the moment you arrived here in the Village. It will seem strange at first, but given time you will get used to the Village and it’s ways. Where was I? Oh yes, I see from your file that you worked best when under extreme pressure, in that regard you are said to be unique. James Bond, John Drake, and Philip Calvert might just disagree with that. But never mind, oh that was careless of me, one of the observers might have heard. We do not use names here you see.
    I see you were “over there” for quite a long time, undercover. Someone was telling tales, that’s what caught you out.
    “A rat!”
    “What was that?”
    “I was a fool.”
    “Not a rat?”
    “Someone ratted on me!”
    “They came for you?”
    “They came before I expected them.”
    “You were expecting them?”
    “Ratted on me!”
    “Yes, well you can put all that behind you now. Go home, rest, relax. Perhaps you would like to attend the Brass Band concert this afternoon. Good day.

                                         ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø

So how are you fitting in? Settling down alright? I see you have been playing chess with One Four Six, that’s good, it exercises the mind, chess. So how do you find our little Village, not quite what you expected I suppose.
    “You’re writing on pink paper. Why?”
    “Because it’s Tuesday.”
    “I don’t understand.”
    “Well it’s simple really, on Tuesdays I write on pink paper. Wednesday it’s blue, Thursday it’s green, Friday yellow, and on Mondays white. Saturday and Sunday purple. Do you see?”

                                                    ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø

I’m glad you could come and see me, they tell me that you are doing rather well. That you’re sculpting something for the Exhibition of Arts and Crafts. I didn’t know you had an artistic bent, have you been attending the art seminars?
    “The doctor suggested it. Thought it would do my rehabilitation good.”
    “Doctor’s orders, well good enough.”
    “What are you writing down?”
    “Just a note.”
    “Today is Friday.”
    “Your point being?”
    “You’re writing on green paper, when it should be white!”
    “Well so I am, silly of me. That will be all.”

                                           ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø

How are we today? Much better, I can see that for myself. You were top of your group at the Arts and Crafts Exhibition, a wonderful sculpture. What did you call it?”
    “Is that what you want ultimately, to escape?”
    “I don’t know.”
    “I thought you liked it here.”
    “I do. You’re using white paper today.”
    “That’s right, it’s Monday.”
    “But today is Saturday!”
    “No Monday, if it were Saturday, or even Sunday I would be using purple paper. I thought I had explained that system?”
    “Today cannot be Monday………”
    “Well never mind, we all make mistakes. Look go back to the hospital, the doctor will give you a quick check-up.”

                                                    ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø

Ah Number Seventy-seven do come in and sit down my dear fellow. Would you like some tea? Two sugars I believe, with milk. I asked you to come here today because I find I need your help in a very delicate matter. It’s Number Nine, she’s a new arrival here. I don’t think she’ll be with us for long. But she doesn’t know anyone. So I thought seeing as you are what could be termed as an “old hand” here in the Village, perhaps you would take her under your wing so to speak.
     “The paper on your desk.”
     “What about it?”
     “It’s green.”
     “But today is Wednesday, it should be blue paper!”
     “I use green paper, because today is Thursday Seventy-seven!”
     “But I was sure that today was………”
     “Look are you alright old chap?”

                                         ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø

      The black telephone began to bleep impatiently. The man sat behind the desk picked it up. He could be heard to reassure the caller, saying that all was progressing well, if a little slowly. But that the writing paper was a good idea, soon he will be completely disorientated. That he thinks he is in the Village, but the Village is only in his mind. Whereas there is only his cell, and my office. He is under the impression, that he is here for rehabilitation, and that I could be his friend. You see, I told you that more subtle methods can be beneficial. That good old fashioned brutality and torture would get you nowhere. Yes drugs work well enough, but used too much they can destroy the mind…………….Well yes comrade, thank you comrade. A few more days I should think will be sufficient, then he will be ours, mind, body, and soul.

- Be seeing you

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