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Wednesday 10 April 2013

The Therapy Zone

Information And Observation
    And so to another feature of information and observation and where better to begin that with a bout of 'Kosho.' This quite unusual and mort improbable sport featured in both episodes 'Hammer Into Anvi'l and Its Your Funeral is reputed to have been invented by Patrick McGoohan
    Not all the voices shared with Patrick McGoohan during the opening sequences of episodes are not always the voice of the actor playing the role of No.2. On some occasions it is the voice of Robert Rietty that can be heard.
   The huge portico of the Green Dome, No.2's residence, was originally half of a huge fire place in Dawpool Manor, at Thurston, Heswell, Merseyside.
    The Dome of the Green Dome was originally made from three quarter inch ply-wood. This was replaced in later years by a copper dome.
    Originally the position of No.1 went to the Beatles in July 1967 with "All You Need Is Love" which is heard in the episode of Fall Out.
    The photograph removed from the dead man's wallet in 'Dance of the Dead' was actually taken in the Piazza in the village.
    Up at Boot Hill of the Western town of Harmony, it was a cardboard cut out of Cathy which the stranger-No.6 buried.
    Even if you are of the belief that No.6 is not that of 'Danger Man' John Drake, Drake does put in an appearance on the wall screen during the Prisoners debriefing session on the morning of his arrival. "A most important day, getting ready to meet Chambers, about to become late of the foreign office. You were err hoping to change his mind before the big boys found out. You waited and waited, but he never turned up. A nice guy Chambers and so talkative."
   So the Prisoner had been under surveillance long before his act of resignation, but by which side? My money is on his own people, those who are behind the administration of the village.
   The tunnel by which the four intrepid confederates escape was an old disused railway tunnel in Mayfield, Sussex, long since demolished.
    According to a poster on the wall of the saloon in 'Living In Harmony' not only is the Bishop coming, but so too the head of outlaw Joaquin, preserved in Brandy. Which in itself places the town of Harmony firmly in the state of California.

     Here is selection of questions and answers posed and answered some years ago. And as usual the questions have not been supplied by The Tally Ho, although we might agree with some and take against others. You the reader can make your own mind up. Or perhaps you have a different take on affairs such as these.
    Who does No.2 report to in Dance of the Dead?
    I believe that in early stages of making the Prisoner, it was intended that the unseen top person and unheard voice on the telephone would be No.1. It was McGoohan's decision not to imitate  James Bond's SPECTRE and go for a more allegorical approach that made the identity of No.1 a less controversial revelation
     {footnote: yes but who does No.2 report to?}

    In Its Your Funeral why didn't "Jammers"  take advantage of being ignored by control and  really escape? Perhaps they can't. The plots they devise to run control "ragged" checking them out could only have that effect and don't work in a practical sense.
   This didn't matter as the whole purpose was to spread confusion-until control were on to them, that is. "Jammers" probably believe it is impossible to physically escape, but they enjoy throwing a spanner in the works as being the next best thing.
   Why is breakfast brought to No.6 on a tray during Free For All and Dance Of The Dead when he has a kitchen? 

    Perhaps, like some boarding houses, village services only includes breakfast. Other meals are served in the restaurant or you cook your own "village foods" from the cans. Late night drinks are also served, ‘A B and C,’ ‘Dance Of The Dead,’ but they are not always what they seem!

    My ears did not deceive me In ‘Checkmate’ just before the painter asks of No.6 and the Rook "Anything wrong sir?", two off screen voices can be heard - "It's all right there, Fred." And "yes."

    In Fall Out, where did all those helicopters come from?  
    It could be that due to the lack of screen time it was not possible to show all those choppers landing. Or maybe in slinging together the last episode in a hurry, McGoohan was just satisfied with the visual effect of a massed-panic evacuation.

   Why does Cobb refer to his "new masters?"
    Perhaps he was taken to the village by force, like No.6, and then "won over". Since then, he has remained in the village waiting to aid the plan to do the same to No.6. At the end of the episode, he heads back to England to "carry on the good work" under the direction of village operatives there - his new masters.

    Why was there no camera in the operating theatre in A B & C
    I don't understand why the village authorities would consider the installation secure when anyone else could find it easily as No.6 did. Amnd why was it in the woods? Wouldn't it be more secure in a village structure?
     {tally ho footnote: or even in the hospital!}

    In Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling I find it hard to believe that No.6 being a man of superior intelligence, has to count on his fingers to know the letter "M" is the 13th letter of the alphabet when breaking the code!

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