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Sunday 28 April 2013

The Therapy Zone

A B & C
    No.2 told the doctor-No.14 that he hadn't got a week, in fact he'd only three days in which to achieve a result, acquiring the reason behind No.6's resignation. No.2 also informed the good doctor that they had researched and computer the Prisoner's whole life, and had discovered that it boiled down to three people, ‘A B and C.’ Well if they had done all that, then why not simply ask the computer why the Prisoner had resigned, instead of going through all the rigmarole of ‘A B and C?’
   So much time spent researching and computing the Prisoner's whole life, was the probable reason as to why No.2 had so little time, three days in fact, in which to achieve the required result! He could also have been coming to the end of his term of office, according to The Tally Ho there was already doubt as to whether No.2 was fit for a further term!

Kathy Spelt With A 'K?'
   No, Cathy, the Saloon girl in Living In Harmony spelt with a ’C’. This because of Patrick McGoohan’s daughter Catherine, spelt with a ’C’.

Just Why Did The Man With No Name Resign?
    We know why the Priosner-No.6 resigned, and the reason behind that resignation. But what made this man with no name hand in both his badge and gun? Fed up with putting his life on the line? Having had enough of putting his life on the line? Having killed one too many men? Worried about coming up against a Kid who is faster on the draw, perhaps not as the evidence against this is perfectly clear. So perhaps as a Sheriff he did take against killing, seeing as the Judge had to make him kill!

Mob Rule
    Written in a previous blog here, was the mention of "Mob-Rule" in both Living In Harmony and ‘Dance of the Dead.’ Yet there is one further incident of "Mob-Rule" which takes place during ‘The General’ when the Professor is chased along the beach, finally to be caught by a mob of citizens who then manhandles the Professor back to the Village.
   Usually there are No.2's bully-boys who bring recalcitrant citizens back to the village, as in the case of the two prefects who round up the truant playing No.6 when down on the beach in The General. Another case of the mob being allowed to rule is witnessed during ‘A Change of Mind’ when No.6 is set upon by the ladies sub-appeal committee and other members of the community. Hit by ladies wielding umbrellas, No.6 is forcibly manhandled and dragged to the hospital to undergo the operation known as Instant Social Conversion. In such cases as these No.2 is prepared to allow mob-rule by the citizens to do his dirty work!
   And we must not forget the lynch mog, who "lynched" Johnson, Cathy's brother from the habging tree in 'Living In Harmony.'

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