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Sunday 21 April 2013

The Therapy Zone

Information And Observation
    The 303 ammunition cartridges which Mr.X loads the rifles with in the lighthouse during the episode of ‘The Girl Who Was Death,’ are in actual fact blank cartridges. Yes of course, as a television series it would not be the case to use live cartridges would it? But in accordance with the actual story, you see on the ammunition box that the 303 ammunition are blanks. So how could the Marshals be dead when their rifles back fired on them?
    That's a curious turn of phrase employed by No.2 during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ "Don't worry No.6, you'll be cured." He'll see to it that No.6 has no more nightmares. That if he has so much as a bad dream he'll come whimpering to tell it to him. Whimpering! Had No.6 been having nightmares, or bad dreams? If he hadn't No.6 would be perfectly right to be having them. And why should No.2 see No.6 as having the need to be cured? What's wrong with him? Well nothing as far as I can see, save for his attitude towards both No.2 and the village, but that's perfectly understandable under the circumstances.
    Yes, No.8-Nadia was a plant. But even so, the experience must have had an effect upon her, especially her encounter with the white membranic mass of the Village guardian during her swim. Of course her experiences within the village had to have been as true as possible, otherwise No.6 would never have taken her under his protective wing so to speak.
    I trust No.6's records had been amended after the episode of ‘The Schizoid Man,’ as he now no longer has a mole on his left wrist!
    If there's one thing which gets on my nerves, it's the Heir presumptive of ‘It’s Your Funeral.’ This in the way he keeps taking his spectacles off and putting them on again every time he's speaking to anyone, and those faces he pulls when he's speaking to No.1 on the telephone!
   During his ordeal in the embryo room of ‘Once Upon A Time,’ No.6 was arrested by the Butler in the form of a policeman with whistle and handcuffs. Apparently the Prisoner had been arrested for speeding. The Prisoner tells the judge that he was on a secret mission of life and death, but whose life or death the Prisoner could not say to the Judge, because such business is above the law. Perhaps the Prisoner saw himself as being above the village!
   Can anyone suggest a reason why during the human chess match of ‘Checkmate’ the Butler should stand on top of the Bandstand and follow the moves on his own chessboard? Perhaps it's simply a case of him being a student of Chess. But could the Butler be somehow controlling the moves on the human chessboard, possibly in a subliminal way? After all, it was the Butler who returned the white Queens pawn to the chessboard at the end of the episode in No.2's office!
    In No.2's office during The Schizoid Man we see the Butler in a state of undress. He has been giving No.2 a massage. Not a very good massage I should have thought, with No.2 still wearing his polo neck jersey, nor from a man in his lowly position as the Butler was!
    No.2 gives a shiver as the Butler departs his office in ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ such is the effect the Butler seems to have upon this current No.2.
    Only persons of a high ranking, even prisoner's like No.6, have automatic electronic doors!
    Does the dividing wall in '6 private' No.6's cottage seen on the morning of the Prisoner's arrival in the village, roll up in the ceiling or what? Depends upon whether it's flexible or not. And if it isn't......... "Where do it go?"

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