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Wednesday 17 April 2013

Caught On Camera

    No.6 and Nadia, crated up together for 12 hours, can we be so sure? Well of course we can, because No.6 had the wrist watch he was given by post 5 back somewhere in that cave. Besides No.6 confirmed to the Colonel that the journey matched the time, so yes we can be sure.
    Of course it was all an act on the part of Nadia, "feeling sea sick" indeed! And No.6, why he couldn't admit that he was engaged when Nadia asked him I don't know, perhaps he wasn't, well not at the time of 'The Chimes of Big Ben' he wasn't, and Nadia began to feel a little bit better. Being engaged wasn't written into the script until 'Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling,' either that or perhaps he didn't want to admit to Nadia that he was engaged. Perhaps No.6 had made a mistake where Janet Portland is concerned. After all, Nadia is more No.6's type than Janet Portland! Certainly Nadia certainly seemed to be warming to No.6 inside that crate.
    "Big Ben."
    "Where are we going to land in England?"
    "If my message was received correctly, we'll land in an office I shall know very well in London."
    "Not at London airport then Big Ben."
    "You said we'll land in an office, not at London airport."
   "You trying to be funny?"
   "I guess not Big Ben!"


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