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Friday 12 April 2013

The Therpay Zone

Whys And Wherefores
    ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ how do the Rovers manage to drag Nadia onto the beach? Why doesn't No.6 answer the question about having a girlfriend?
    ‘Free For All,’ How did they know No.6 was going to run for office? Why were ‘Danger Man’ pictures used on the placards?
   ‘The Schizoid Man,’ How was Alison able to reads Curtis's mind?
   ‘The General,’ How did No.6 know the Professors head was made of wax?
   ‘Many happy Returns,’ How did the cat manage to stay in the same spot for about 27 days? Were Stowbell and Croydon real estate agents?
    ‘Dance of the Dead,’ If the cat was drugged in No.6's home, how did it suddenly appear with No.2? Is it the same cat from Many Happy Returns?
    ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ How come the Tally Ho was printed at 10am when it is always issued at noon? Does No.6 buy a bar of soap everyday? Why does No.2 use a yellow telephone to talk to No.1 when all the other No.2's use a red one? Who played the two No.2's in the plot film?
    ‘A Change of Mind,’ How did the committee men disappear so quickly?
   ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling,’ why did the Colonel count the letters of the alphabet?
    ‘The Girl Who Was Death,’ why did the girl wear a crash helmet in the car?

    In ‘Once Upon A Time’ assuming the drink did kill No.2, then the reason why it didn't affect No.6 might be because he only took one small sip while No.2 drank more and got a lethal dose. Question, Why did No.6 throw his glass down in temper when he should have felt triumphant as the victor of Degree Absolute?
    In ‘The Schizoid Man’ the pilot knew he had to bring No.6 back because No.2 had told him to. Watch again as they approach the helicopter. As No.6 goes to speak to Alison, No.2 says "Excuse me..." and calls the pilot to one side.
  Why don't the villagers leave in ‘Fall Out’ the same way as in ‘Many Happy Returns?’ In ‘Fall Out’ there was a mad panic to evacuate the village as quickly as possible, while in the earlier episode their departure was planned and orderly. Incidentally, how did they leave in Many Happy Returns, and where the hell were they?
    ‘Once Upon A Time,’ Rover is sitting in No.2's chair to remind him that failure a second time could be fatal to him.
    ‘Fall Out,’ the frogmen could have been maintenance workers for Rover's underwater cell.
    ‘Many Happy Returns,’ I don't believe the villagers left. We all know about the underground caverns in ‘Fall Out.’ All that was needed was to induce sleep and removal at night.
    ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ Maybe No.6 does not answer Nadia's question about not having a girlfriend because, until he arrives home, he is not sure if he still has one.
   Interesting questions, and a few plausible answers. Make of them what you will, although no member of the editorial team of The Tally Ho agrees or disagrees with any such answer here, nor posed any of the questions in the first place.

Information And Observations
    What can we observe in the episode of ‘A B and C?’ Well No.6's socks for a start! As he makes his way down the air-conditioning shaft of the laboratory in the woods, No.6 can be seen to be wearing a pair of dark socks. However by the time he kicks out the mesh grill at the bottom of that air-conditioning shaft, he is observed to be wearing a pair of beige socks!
    No.2 suffers from a stomach ulcer and has been put under pressure from No.1 right from the very beginning.
    The doctor-No.14 uses a curious and singular turn of phrase "We all have make mistakes, sometimes we have to," by mistake or on purpose I wonder. Because when 'B' says the phrase it's "We all make mistakes, sometimes we have to."
    No.6 is always walking, and that's irritating!
    Madame Engadine is either divorced or widowed, or both.
    The Prisoner certainly knows a good many people who attend Madame Engadine's celebrated parties, and they know him!
    Some see 'A' as being French because of the line he gives the Prisoner "Well you're in my country now," they being in Paris-France. But remember, 'A' is a defector, and certainly he doesn't have any form of French accent. Personally I think he's British, who made world news a few years back, by defecting to the other side.
    The ex-Admiral-No.66 can be observed still sitting at his table on the lawn of the old people's home as No.6 approaches the doctor-No.14's table. And the ex-Admiral is still waiting for a chess opponent!
    The Colonel in ‘Many Happy Returns’ told Thorpe that the Prisoner is an old, old friend who never gives up. If the Prisoner could only have been satisfied with having escaped the village, things might have worked out differently for him. But then perhaps the Prisoner was destined to return to the village, and it certainly would not have been enough for him to simply have escaped. Certain things would certainly have weighed on his mind. Who abducted him, why was he placed in the village..... and where was the village, and who ran it? And besides, wherever the Prisoner went, 'they' would catch up with him sooner or later. And didn't No.6 make No.2 a promise during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ "I'm going to escape and come back. Come back, wipe this place off the face of the earth, obliterate it and No.2 with it!"
    If there's one hours difference between Polish and English time, and if the supposedly Russian's watch was slow - being the same time as Big Ben - ie 8 o'clock - then what is the location of the village?
    When during ‘Checkmate’ No.6 meets with the Rook-No.53 at the Bell Tower as pictured below.
    The thing is with this scene is, that you only see it from the one position. If it were the other way around, you would see that No.6-McGoohn is actually on his knees! The ground that side of the base of the bell Tower isn't as low, nor the window so high up as this picture suggests, certainly not as high as McGoohan is tall!
    One female extra who appeared in the Prisoner claimed to have been one of the bikini clad girls by the swimming pool seen in Arrival. On other occasions she claimed to have been all three, though not at the same time! Also that she doubled for actress Justine Lord during the episode of ‘The Girl Who Was Death.’ The trouble with this is, that Justine Lord's character never went to Portmeirion! Although this female extra was the Spanish lady during the ‘Dance of the Dead.’
    I wonder how No.2 in ‘Hammer Into Anvi’l thought No.6 could get his hands on a bomb, and who would have it smuggled into the village, his own people or those on the other side perhaps. And those on the other side could be on the other side of the iron Curtain, or another department of British Intelligence!

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  1. Hello David,
    I've thought about "‘The Schizoid Man,’ How was Alison able to reads Curtis's mind?" : I think Alison might have practiced with Curtis while Number 6 was conditioned. I guess Curtis could have (been) trained to impersonate Number 6 before he even got to the village, so there would have been enough time..

    Very best wishes,

    1. Hello Jana,

      I think it was all prearranged, that Alison called out a particular card depending on the signal given by No.12/Curtis. He managed this by placing a different emphasis on the word "Now."

      Kind regards