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Wednesday 10 April 2013

It Hurts Them More Than It Hurts Him!

    It is impossible to say who is worse when it comes to the treatment towards the Prisoner-No.6. There are those such as No.2 of ‘A Change of Mind,’ who threatens No.6 with the process known as "Instant social conversion," No.86 who gives the impression of having carried out the operation, the isolation of the aggressive frontal lobes, a leucotomy in other words, on No.6, or the likes of No.2 in the episode of ‘Living In Harmony.’
    He over saw the use of hallucinatory drugs used on No.6. Put him in a dangerous environment, who worked on his emotions by giving him love, not too sure about that point, take it away and make him kill! He truly wanted to see No.6 broken, he's top of my list.
   You might be of the opinion that No.2 of ‘Hammer Into Anvi’l should also be added to the list. Well that would all depend upon your point of view. Certainly he was a sadist, that was no better demonstrated than by his treatment of No.73 in the hospital, driving the poor woman to suicide in the way he did. And then promised No.6 that he was going to "hammer" him. But apart from being a professional sadist, this particular No.2 was also a weak link in the chain of command. Personally he did little more to No.6 than prod his forehead with the tip of his sword. This particular No.2 would not rate highly on my list of baddies, a "Dirty Dozen" seems an apt title. No, second on my list has to be the doctor-No.40 of ‘Dance of the Dead’.
    The doctor-No.40 takes matters into his own hands when it comes to No.6. After being prompted by the Supervisor that shouldn't he be doing this in the hospital, the doctor responds with "I know what I'm doing." That he'll take responsibility. "If we wait for orders, we'll never get results." And that is all that matters to this doctor, results, certainly not medical ethics, or the patient at hand.
   This doctor is impatient, and he enjoys his work, and thinks nothing of going to any lengths in his experiments in order to get results. This was proved on Roland Walter Dutton. The only trouble with this doctor is, that he never knows when he's gone too far. Nor did he choose to listen to Dutton, who he found to be rather difficult, who's given lots of information, but who is reluctant to go any further. But Dutton is a small fish, but is an opportunity for the doctor to experiment.
   The doctor-No.22, she thinks nothing of wanting to find No.6's breaking point. In fact she openly suggests that a Leucotomy, to knock out the aggressive centres of the brain, and give the impression of enjoying herself  whilst carrying out such an operation. Thankfully No.6 is far too valuable to take such a risk.
   However there is other evidence for this doctors handy work, No.8-the White Queen for example. She's been hypnotised into thinking that she is in love with No.6, and he with her. This in order to use a reaction transmitter which records No.8's emotions, and when a full range of her emotions are gained, they will be fed into the alarm system. The female equivalent to her male counterpart of ‘Dance of the Dead,’ who also enjoys experimentation.

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