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Thursday, 2 October 2014

An Act of Betrayal!

   After his escape from The Village, and subsequent return to London during ‘Many Happy Returns,’ Number 6 went running back to his ex-colleagues, and gave away all the information he had on the internment camp known as THE VILLAGE. I wonder how The Village's administration felt about this act of betrayal, how Number 1 might react? Because after returning to those Number 6 felt he could trust, he couldn't wait to shoot his mouth off about The Village. Whilst in The Village Number 6 wouldn't give anything away! It is probably to do with the kind of environment with which you are familiar, and the company you are in, people who you think you can trust. And if that is the case, Number 6 thought he could actually trust both the Colonel and Thorpe, assuming rightly or wrongly that they had no prior knowledge of The Village. Then information supplied by their ex-colleague, together with photographic evidence, along with the copy of The Tally Ho and that of Number 6's navigational log, are now in the hands of others! I wonder how The Village’s administration would react to this?
   Given Number 6's numerous qualities, his expertise, the extent of his knowledge, especially about The Village, its very existence and location, it’s hardly surprising then, that they would bring the Prisoner back by the end of ‘Many Happy Returns’ and keep him in a place of close confinement. Otherwise there’s no telling who Number 6 would have gone off blabbing to about The Village! Such a person is extremely dangerous to the security of both the Nation and The Village.

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