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Thursday 16 October 2014

He Brews His Brew…..Plays With His Chalk

   And that is about all anyone can say about this somewhat obscure Chemist in ‘Free For All,’ who appears to live the life of a hermit, in a cave, outside the community of The Village. And that is apparently enough reason for him not to wear a numbered badge. He could be a prisoner forced to work for Number 2’s administration, spending his days brewing “hooch” and working on different formulae on his blackboard. Each formula photographed once a week, then the blackboard cleaned up so that the chemist can work on some more. He doesn’t seem too bothered, just as long as they leave him in peace.
    And yet he seems only too pleased to work with Number 2, in having “doctored” Number 6’s drink, the drug apparently working quicker than usual.
    Number 2 “I warned you not to make it too strong. We mustn’t damage the tissue.”
    “You needn’t worry. There will be no remembrances, Proportions are exact to take him right through the election.”
    So is The Therapy Zone simply for Number 6’s benefit, or something employed when the need calls for it? Certainly by the time we next see inside that cave, when Number 6 moves the dead body of Number 43 in, the Chemist has long since been moved out! But we do see the chemist once more {from a purely fictional aspect} in ‘Once Upon A Time,’ although he appears to be of a nervous disposition now, and tells Number 6 that he must not do that……enquire! It would seem that the chemist has been brought in out of the cold!

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