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Monday 20 October 2014

Measure For Measure

    Mercy, justice and truth. In his time in The Village, Number 6 deals out a measure of each. He carried out his own form of justice for Number 73 who was driven to suicide by Number 2 in ‘Hammer Into Anvil.’ He showed Number 2 mercy by allowing him to report his own breakdown in control. In ‘Living In Harmony’ he did likewise for the murder of Cathy, strangled to death by the Kid. He put on his colt 45 peacemaker, and out in the street he faced the Kid. He drew his gun, there was the sound of thunder, the flash of fire, gun smoke filled the air, and after all lay quiet and still, the Kid lay dead in the street.
   As for the truth, he suggested to the Colonel during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ that surely he knew about The Village. And asked if they had a Village here, it may be supposed that Number 6 meant Britain. He was also determined to find the truth about The Village during ‘Many Happy Returns,’ if not with the Colonel, then elsewhere. Even if that meant going back to The Village!

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