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Thursday 9 October 2014

In The Candidates Own Words

   At least during his opening electoral speech these are actually Number 6's own words.
    'In some place, at some time, all of you held positions of a secret nature, and had knowledge that was invaluable to an enemy. Like me you are here to have that knowledge protected or extracted. Unlike me, many of you have accepted the situation of your imprisonment and will die here like rotten cabbages. The rest of you have gone over to the side of our keepers. Which is which? How many of each? Who's standing beside you now? I intend to discover who are the prisoners and who the warders...I shall be running for office in this election."
   And what's more these distinctive words are the only actual own words of the candidate, because his other two speeches are either induced through the use of drugs or mind conditioning. One had even been written for him and printed on a card for him to read, when he delivered his speech from the stone boat. Talk about a "rotten borough!" That's a borough, in the distant past, before the "Great Reform" act of 1832, where very few people had the vote. They could choose their own candidate, and thereby they could have manipulation of the candidate to do whatever they wanted.
   Oh well. They say power corrupts, and Number 6 himself said that everyone votes for a dictator. Perhaps that's why every citizen voted for him! "Obey me and be free." and you can't get more dictatorial than that, forcing something on the populace which they don't want!

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