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Thursday 30 October 2014

The Therapy Zone

   There is a phrase used by Number 2 “The Observers do see and hear everything you know.” That’s a boastful claim, and a quite impossible one, when one considers that there are no more than what, seven {there’s that number again} Observers on duty at any one time in the Control Room, not counting Number 240, as she only appears in ‘Dance of the Dead.’ If for example, an Observer had been watching when Number 6 had diverted Rover, and entered his cottage, they might have seen him talking to Curtis, and the vicious fight that ensued. More than that, the Observer would have observed the confrontation with Rover. And seeing that Number 6 was wearing his dark blazer, the Observer could have told the Supervisor, he would have told Number 2, and he would have known from that moment that it hadn’t been Number 6 who had died. Then we might have been robbed of that final scene. Not that there was ever any doubt for the television viewer, that it was Number 6 who was about to leave/escape The Village.

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