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Tuesday 7 October 2014

Attack Of The Rovers!

    It was once suggested that when Number 6 is in the water, after diving overboard from that jet boat in ‘Free For All,’ that to avoid that white membranic Village Guardian, Number 6 could have dived underwater and swum away. Furthermore, that seeing as how Number 6 was allowed to water-ski in the episode of ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ that he might persuade Number 2 in allowing him to partake in another water sport - aqua diving. Then Number 6 could escape The Village by swimming underwater. Well it’s an idea, and might have made for a good underwater action sequence. But it would seem that The Village Guardian needs to break surface in order to activate its search for its intended prey. But having said that, it would have been interesting to see how the Guardian behaves underwater whilst in pursuit of its prey.

Be seeing you


  1. I could have written it! Bcnu David!

    1. Hello Pat,
      Of course you could have, being Rover's number 1 fan.

      Be seeing you