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Monday 6 October 2014

Help Yourself To Sugar!

   Oh no he can't, because Number 6 gave up sugar four years and three months ago on medical advice. And yet he put sugar in his tea when he was with Number 2 during 'The Chimes of Big Ben.' But that was only in defiance, as he was not afraid of putting on weight, nor of being reduced! Is that why the Prisoner had to give up sugar, because of a weight problem? He doesn't look overweight. So what other reason might a doctor tell you to give up sugar? Well if he had been diagnosed as being diabetic, then that would be reason enough. And if that was the reason, then diabetic type 2, because Number 6 is never seen having to take insulin. And being diabetic doesn't fit in with those twenty-five days at see in 'Many Happy Returns,' because if Number 6 was a diabetic then there is the great possibility that if he had not kept his blood glucose levels up, he may very well have fallen into a coma before the end of the twenty-five days at sea were up. However seeing as he didn't, then he either had  a very tough constitution, or he isn't diabetic. In any case whatever the reason was that saw the Prisoner having given up sugar on medical advice, it seems to have been completely forgotten by the time of 'A Change of Mind.' And in 'It's Your Funeral' there is a sugar bowl on the table at the cafe, and at the Old People's Home when Number 6 and Number 50 take coffee, and Number 6 helps himself to sugar. I know that there are different scriptwriters for episodes of 'the Prisoner,' but surely later in the series at least Patrick McGoohan should have remembered about Number 6's sugar problem, seeing as he wrote the script for 'Free For All!'

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