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Friday 10 October 2014

What’s He Up To With That Clock?

    “It’s a bomb, that’s it, it must be a bomb!”
   One might have thought Number 2 would have caught onto Number 6’s little games by the time he put that cuckoo clock by the front door of the Green Dome. To Number 6 it was merely another act of Jamming, after all there really wasn’t a bomb in that cuckoo clock. Yet to Number 2 that’s just what he had convinced himself it was. He should have asked himself where Number 6 would have got a bomb, unless such a device had been sent to The Village amongst all those special imports! On the other hand he could have approached the little watchmaker-Number 51. After all he would put a bomb in a replica of the Great Seal of Office, so why not inside a cuckoo clock? This is not the first time that Number 6 having a bomb has been suggested. There was that time during ‘Dance of the Dead’ when Number 2 told the doctor that she would warn him the moment Number 6 puts a bomb in his lovely hospital! And yet, when Number Six had the power to use a bomb as a threat, for his own good, he declined it. Instead he allowed another to make use of it, the retired Number 2. And yet, had Number 51 managed to have detonated that bomb when the Great Seal of office was worn by the retiring Number 2, it would not just have been he who would have died. A bomb exploding in the confined space of the balcony, almost as devastating as an exploding cricket ball!

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