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Tuesday 7 October 2014

Thought For the Day

    In a short article written by a fan of ‘the Prisoner’ in the mid 1980's, it was stated that only unmutuals and deviants refuse to wear The Village symbol. That statement is not at all correct. Okay Number 6 refuses to wear his Penny Farthing numbered badge, but does wear it on occasion when it suits him. Then there’s the Butler yet there is no question of his loyalty to either his master, or The Village. And the same can be said of the doctor who carries out the Prisoner's medical in ‘Arrival.’ No.113 and his twin No.113c also wear no badge in ‘Free For All,' as well as the Professor and Madam Professor in ‘The General,’ and they came to The Village of their own free will.
   Why are citizens allowed to get away with not wearing The Village badge, surely its a breaking of the rules! On the other hand, perhaps in the case of the doctor in ‘Arrival,’ it could be a case of forgetfulness! Forgetfulness on the part of someone in wardrobe, or responsible for continuity who forgot to pin a Village badge to his white coat. Other than that the badge could simply have fallen off! The same could also be said of both the Professor and his wife, if it were not for the fact that there is not one scene in ‘The General’ where the Professor and his wife are seen to wear The Village badge. And the same can certainly be said of the Butler throughout the series.
    On the other hand, you have the watchmaker who is against The Village, because he has not met anyone who has committed a crime, yet he wears his badge, as does Number 93 in ‘A Change of Mind,’ who is disharmonious. And don't forget the Rook who rebelled on the chessboard. He is against The Village, and like others, he still wears his badge.

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