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Saturday 25 October 2014

Danger Man!

   A good friend of mine, Steve Matthews emailed me the other day saying that he thinks he has made a discovery. He went on to ask if me if I was aware that Sean Connery made an ‘appearance’ in ‘Danger Man?’ I sat there thinking “Sean Connery in ‘Danger Man?” There was no way I could spend the day fast-forwarding through video’s and DVD’s of ‘Danger Man.’ So I bought it, and emailed Steve back saying what’s all this about Sean Connery appearing in ‘Danger Man? My wife and I had racked our brains thinking about it. Certainly we had never heard of this, or remember an episode featuring Sean Connery. Nor did we know of anyone else who had made such an observation. We presumed then that it was Sean Connery’s image that appears in ‘Danger Man.’ So I asked Steve to tell, and he did. Once knowing the episode, and the scene, I put the video in the machine and pressed fast-forward. And what do you know, Steve Matthews is absolutely correct, there is Sean Connery! I have watched the episode many, many times, and never saw Sean Connery in the episode before! “What’s the title of the episode?” I hear you ask. Well where would the fun be for you if I told you that? However to narrow it a little for you, you can discount all of the 25 minute episodes. Certainly I am obliged to Steve Matthews for drawing my attention to this discovery, well done Steve, and keep those eyes peeled!

I’m Obliged as John Drake would say.

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