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Friday 17 October 2014

I’m Not An Inmate!

   But of course you are Two, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.
    “You brought me back here!”
    Yes in the hope that you will co-operate just one final time.
    “Never give up do you?”
    What do you think? All we want is your co-operation, just this one more time, then you will be free to go.
    “Free to go, you’ll let me go, go where?”
    Anywhere you like.
    “But there is nowhere else to go, there is only The Village!”
   Well there you are then, you’re already here!
   “You mean I never left?”
    How did you arrive here?
   “For god’s sake you don’t expect me to say the bus do you?”
   Not by bus?
   “If I had got off the bus in The Village, it would mean that I got on the bus in The Village!”
    But you didn’t, did you?
    “I came by train!”
    Well you’re here now, that’s all that matters.
    “And you?”
    Oh I’ve been here as long as anyone, longer even, I am the original Two.
   “Who is Number One!”
   You know as well as I, there is no Number One, there is only Two.
    “What do you want of me?”
    “Oh not again! Can we not have someone different, just for a change?
    What Seven?
   “Yes, there’s never been a Seven.”
   Oh there’s always been a Seven, only no-ones ever meets Seven. But we can call Six Seven if it sits better with you.
    “Where is this leading?”
    I have absolutely no idea. Perhaps we will both be at Six’s and Sevens by the time it’s over.
    “So you are Two.”
   “But I’m Two too.”
    “That’s going to make it awfully confusing.”
    There have been times when there have been more than two Twos in The Village.
    “So does that make me an interim Two?”
    I suppose it does. But two Twos are as good as one.
    “You said there is no One!”
    There isn’t. Tell you what, I can be Un-Two.
    “Un-Two, what does that mean?”
    I could be a Two impersonator.
    “A Two impersonator?”
    Yes, that might be fun. To go about The Village without the pressure of work.
    “But who would you be impersonating?”
    Two, that’s you.
    “I’m Two?”
    Yes that’s why you’re here isn’t it?
   “And you would go about The Village impersonating me?!”
   “As Un-Two?”
   “But you don’t look anything like me.”
   You’re not the one looking into the mirror!
   “Oh look the Butler’s here.”
   Dinner must be ready. How did you see the Butler?
   “What makes you think you’re the one looking into the mirror?”
   Because I am.
   “Yes, but I’m the one looking out, and over your shoulder!”
It is, as it is, as it should be.
Be seeing you

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