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Sunday 26 October 2014

John Drake – James Bond – The Prisoner

    Because of an email the other day, I began to think about whether or not John Drake, James Bond-007, and ZM73-the Prisoner could have heard of each other, to might even have met in passing, such is their fictitious world. And why not? Because James Bond worked for British Intelligence, John Drake worked for Military Intelligence MI9, yes it is M9, but for ‘Danger Man’ I think they must have dropped the Intelligence! As ZM73-the Prisoner, we are unsure what his position was, the kind of work that he did. However, when considering that the kind of work he carried out, and working for Sir Charles Portland, it might not have been possible for ZM73 to contact Janet Portland for at least a year, maybe even longer. That makes it possible that ZM73 was a field agent, just like John Drake {pity he has no number, we could always call him D6} and 007-James Bond. ZM73 was certainly well versed in the use of codes and ciphers, and was best known by his code-name, using several different aliases for different countries. An ex-colleague and friend had defected, and he had tried to stop Chambers possibly making the same mistake. Judging by the adventures of ‘A B and C’ ZM73 was used to associating with spies and espionage agents from both sides.

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