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Sunday 19 October 2014

The Intended Fate Of The Prisoner

    Would that have been to lead The Village or go? They had always been careful with Number 6, one Number 2 even went so far as to suggest that he might even be given a position of authority. While another said of Number 6, “This man has a future with us.” And so it was that there was to have been an exchange of ultimate power, an exchange of ultimate power between who, the former Number 6 and Number 1? If the former Number 6 was to take the helm of The Village so to speak, what then of Number 1, what might have been his intended fate?
  In the rocket there are four clear Perspex tubes, two of which are marked “Orbit 2” and “Orbit 48.” A third is opened by the press of a button, ready for….the former Number 6, "Orbit 6" perhaps. And the fourth, that’s in the Control Room of the rocket, presumably for Number 1. These tubes are perhaps life support tubes, of the kind seen aboard the Jupiter II in the 1960’s television series ‘Lost In Space,’
    So if things didn’t work out as intended there was to have been a space journey? Why? To get rid of a rebellious youth, a man who bites the hand that feeds, and the former Number 6 if he refuses to co-operate? It seems a long and elaborate process to rid The Village of these three individuals. If that is correct, what might have been the destination of the rocket? Number 6 did say that he’d like to be the first man on the Moon! But would reaching the Moon be a realistic achievement? It seems unlikely, seeing as the rocket is but of a single stage, unlike America's Saturn 5 rockets which were three stage. If the rocket wasn't capable of reaching the Moon, only being possible to achieve either a low or high orbit around the Earth, presumably it would at some point re-enter Earth’s atmosphere. And if that was an uncontrolled re-entry it would burn up in the atmosphere, like the Russian cosmonaut Nicholai Soloviov ‘The Man Out There.’ And if the rocket didn’t burn up, then it would crash and burn on impact with the Earth! Such might have been the fate of Number 1, over which one can only speculate.

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