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Monday 20 October 2014

Thought For The Day

    To some enthusiasts of ‘the Prisoner’ Number 6 is a hero, someone to look up to, emulate even. To others he’s the anti-hero, a disruptive force, always causing trouble, poking his nose in where it has no business. Refusing to accept, or respond to his number. Refusing to settle down and join in. He is a rebel! But then who wouldn’t be in his circumstances? The Prisoner is also a man of violence. He gets into numerous fights with Guardians, motor mechanics, security guards. Thugs and henchmen, gun runners, and even with himself! And he is capable of killing, gunning down the Kid in the street, and on a more destructive level he kills Professor Schnipps, The Girl and all the French Marshals by blowing up the rocket. But then the Kid didn’t really exist, he was simply in the mind of the Prisoner, as much as Professor Shnipps and his daughter were. And yet the armed security guards in ‘Fall out’ were real enough, and he killed them indiscriminately during a vicious fire fight.
   Some people might try to emulate the Prisoner to some degree. But for myself the closest I got to emulating the Prisoner, was to portray him in a number of re-enactments at ‘the Prisoner’ conventions held at Portmeirion, which I had the privilege of doing several times in the past. However I did resign from two different jobs at one time or another, and I’ve been rebellious, asked questions. Tried to bring democracy to a certain society. But I cannot truly say that I was trying to emulate the Prisoner on those occasions.

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