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Monday 20 October 2014

The Prisoner Is Put To The Test!

   The question was asked back in the 1990's "Were the 16 episodes of ‘the Prisoner’ specific tests?
   Well of course they were, and the ultimate test being ‘Once Upon A time.’ Yet in the 17th episode, ‘Fall Out,’ is another manipulation of Number 6, and which culminated in his meeting with Number 1.
   In those 16 specific tests Number 6 demonstrated such qualities as:
A sense of humour
Strength of character
A sense of identity
He cared about those in The Village - once anyway
Trustworthiness - in some people
A skill in using his hands, building a raft in 'Many Happy Returns,' a coracle during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ for two examples. Stitch work in making his own punch bag, and private gymnasium sometime between the end of 'It's Your Funeral' and 'A Change of Mind.'
He demonstrated how he can live by his wits
Quick thinking in how he was quick to come up with an explanation of his three piece sculpture to the three members of the Arts & Crafts committee.
Sportsmanship in the noble art of boxing, fencing, shooting, not to mention Kosho.
    Number 6 had it all, then rejected it all in ‘Fall Out,’ and it was the manipulation used against him in 'Fall Out' that started it all in the first place. It's no wonder there was such a persistence with the question "Why did you resign?"

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