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Sunday 12 October 2014

The Therapy Zone

    "Ladies and gentlemen, fellow Villagers, students, this is the Professor speaking. I have an urgent message for you. You are being tricked, Speedlearn is an abomination, it is slavery! If you wish to be free, there is only one way, destroy the General.  Learn this and learn it well, the General must be destroyed!" Yet despite this, and even at his best, the Professor is still an authoritarian who cannot free his students any more then Number 6 could free the citizens in ‘Free For All.’ “This is our chance…this is our chance, take it now. I have command, I will immobilise all electronic controls…Listen to me..; you are free to go, free to go. You are free, free, free to go. I am in commend, obey me and be free…you are free to go, free to go!”
    Perhaps the Professor expected to generate riots in the streets of The Village, citizens rampaging through the streets searching for the General. Only the everyday Villager wouldn't know what or who the General is, so they wouldn't know what to destroy, or where to find it. And even if they did, would they have been able to get into the Town Hall in order to destroy the General? As for Number 6, he also wanted to cause chaos, by encouraging the citizens to rampage through the streets of The Village as they tried to escape. And during the chaos Number 6 could then slip quietly away.

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