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Monday, 6 October 2014

The Therapy Zone

   The Rook told Number 6, having broken an aerial off one of the Taxis, that he takes too many risks. But Number 6 wasn't taking the risk when the Rook was removing the surveillance camera from its plinth. Mind you the Supervisor should have realised something was wrong, when the Rook tilted the camera downwards, so to get at the camera's wiring. The camera having been tilted should have been reflected on the wall screen in the Control Room. Then the Rook stole a telephone from the telephone kiosk, that was another risk, its a wonder he was not spotted by one of the Observers, or at the very least by a Guardian! Then there was the electrics truck at the crossroads, the Rook stole electrical equipment and a screwdriver from the trailer. Number 6 gave the orders, and the Rook carried out the thefts, taking all the risks!

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