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Friday 17 October 2014

Thought For The Day

    If the episode ‘Dance of the Dead’ had been the second episode on ‘the Prisoner’ series as the library order of the series suggests. And if ‘Free For All’ had been the third episode in the series, then the former would have made a mockery of the latter! Because as enthusiasts of ‘the Prisoner’ we are only too aware that democracy is an irritation which has been dispensed with in The Village. Even its best friends of free democracy is terribly inefficient. Therefore when Number 2 afforded the opportunity to Number 6 to “stand for public election,” the Prisoner would have known that ‘Free For All’ with its election, was a complete and utter farce! Mind you he did find that out in the so called Council Chamber when he was there to witness the disillusionment of the out-going Council. Those Council members who Number 6 so eloquently described as “brainwashed imbeciles.” But were they? Who is to say? Just because they stood there and said nothing, doesn’t mean that they were actually brainwashed. After all there is no evidence of that. The nine Members of the Committee in ‘A Change of Mind didn’t utter one single word, only the Chairman. Perhaps they are part of the game. Anyone in The Village can be. After all Number 2 played her role as Number 58 to perfection. Who would have guessed {the first time around} that she was the new Number 2? Deceit, deception, and manipulation are the three chief weapons in Number 2’s arsenal. However the point of the matter is, that if Number 6 had been told by Number 2 that they had dispensed with the democratic process in ‘Dance of the Dead,’ then to have that episode followed by ‘Free For All,’ it would have looked pretty ridiculous. And besides which, forewarned would have meant Number 6 would have been forearmed about Number 2 and his suggestion that Number 6 is just the sort of candidate needed for the election. So just as well things turned out the way they did.

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