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Monday 13 October 2014

The Circle Line!

   The most apparent aspect of ‘the Prisoner’ is that it’s circular, like a journey in a Village taxi. You can go anywhere you like, just as long as you end up back where you started in the end. The Prisoner resigns his job, is abducted to The Village. Is put through a number of tests or ordeals, he refuses to talk, attempts to escape on a few occasions, but always ends up back where he started. And this is no better demonstrated than by ‘Many Happy Returns.’
   The wheels of the Penny Farthing turn, while their spokes point in all directions, much like the feelers of The Village.
   The Prisoner is a round peg which refuses to fit. But thinking about it, it should be the other way round, that the Prisoner should he a square peg which is then shaped to fit!
   And ‘Fall Out,’ a lasting escape? No, because the Prisoner had ended up where he began, and is about to make the same mistake all over again. How to break this vicious circle? Don’t resign in the first place…….unless his resignation had nothing to do with his abduction to The Village, that having resigned his job it was nothing more than a coincidence. After all there is no evidence that the Prisoner’s resignation was the catalyst for his abduction. Remember he was being watched before he handed in his resignation, what was that, sounded like a click…what was that, sounded like a click…  something in the mirror, or was it over there? Yes over there too! So the question is, who was watching the Prisoner and why? Obviously The Village administration had the cameras installed in the Prisoner’s house, as Number 2 said that the Prisoner had sneezed himself out of their camera. Was The Village observing the Prisoner as an independent entity? However, seeing as it's the British behind The Village, then in fact it was The Prisoner’s own people, who were actually watching him. Why? Perhaps like ‘A’ and Chambers who became “late” of the foreign Office, the Prisoner was about to jump ship, but for a very different reason.

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