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Monday 6 October 2014

We Shall Need The Body As Evidence!

   Evidence for what? Was the Prisoner to be put on trial for the death of Number 2? Or was it a question of verification, evidence that Number 2 is in fact dead. As it happens Number 6 is taken to Number 1, while Number 2 is resuscitated and became like a new man, reborn one could say. Number 6, well he was faced with the truth, forced to confront himself with the realisation that he had been Number 1 all the time, and therefore responsible for The Village and everything that takes place therein.
   But what if the canvas deck shoe had been on the other foot, that it had been Number 2 who had survived the ultimate test and not Number 6, what might have been in store for Number 2? Would he have been taken to meet Number 1, or simply have been put on trial for the death of Number 6, whose body would have been required as evidence!

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