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Friday 24 October 2014

The Therapy Zone

    What must it like to be, well not in the Therapy Zone, but to be in the Aversion Therapy Room, where they put a blind fold on you, and a pair of headphones to cut off any external influences one might imagine. Perhaps music is played through the headphones, that or poetry, maybe a disembodied voice speaks to those patients in quiet tones. It must be a form of brainwashing, in order to help the patient get over whatever they have an aversion to. Number 6 never made it into the Aversion Therapy room, but then it cannot be imagined what aversions Number 6 might have. I doubt whether he even has any phobias. Mind you he is averse to giving anything away, such as the reason behind his resignation.
     It might be wondered what they were doing to that poor wretch the Prisoner saw in the corridor of the hospital, on his way to the examination room. He had pieces of tape attached to his head, which presumably held electrodes in place. And then a little later he was wearing the Prisoner’s suit of clothes, sat behind a clear glass screen with a spout of water, with a table tennis ball balanced on that spout of water. The man was uttering some gibberish, the doctor said he was coming along nicely. Yes, but why was he wearing the Prisoner’s suit of clothes? Unless the man was a clone, and was being taught to…but no, that man didn’t look anything like the Prisoner. Not even if the clone was in an early stage of development. No I think cloning can be discounted, but then cloning by doctors would account for the number of twins and doppelgangers seen in The Village. The gardener and electrician for example, although there was the theory that both were actually one and the same. And yet if that were true, no-one has yet, during the past 47 years, offered up an explanation as to how the bald-headed electrician got to the garden so quickly from the cottage in order to encounter the Prisoner there.
   Once it was thought that Curtis was a clone of Number 6, but then Curtis was brought to The Village. But there’s always Number 1, just how many doppelgangers can one man have? First Curtis, and then Number 1. Of course Number 1 could be the long lost brother of Number 6, perhaps even the black sheep of the family, cast out to make his own way in the world.
   But this is far removed from the original subject, that of the Aversion Therapy room. In there perhaps one is forced to confront one’s own worst fear, or what it is one is averse to. For some it might be Number 2, for others the white membranic mass of The Village Guardian. For Number 6.…….well he says he’s afraid of nothing. How very uncomfortable for him that must be.

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