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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Its Inexplicable!

   I suppose this item could have been posted under the title of 'Collectors Corner.' Over a period of time I have collected 'the Prisoner De Agostini Part Work' DVDs, however the completion of the collection is proving rather difficult. The reason being is the apparent lack of 'Living In Harmony' DVDs. I keep a regular surveillance eye on ebay, where there are from time to time, many copies of all the De Agostini DVDs being sold, all except for 'Living In Harmony. In all the time I have been looking for this particular episode in this part work, I have never once seen a copy of 'Living In Harmony' for sale. I cannot believe that the episode is so popular with people that sellers are holding back 'Living Harmony' to keep themselves! Perhaps there were not so many copies made of 'Living In Harmony' as there were for the other 16 episodes. But again that doesn't make any sense, there would have had to been the same number as for all the other episodes produced to make all the collections complete. So why is it I've never seen one single copy of De Agostini's 'Living In Harmony' for sale? Its inexplicable!



  1. Why didn't you subscribe to the original part-work and then you would have got the complete set of all the collectables, especially the extremely rare/limited ones, first time round?

    1. David's regular surveillance eye needs glasses, as Living In Harmony is currently on Ebay (and not for the first time) along with the other 16 De Agostini episodes on DVD.

  2. I see it all the time on eBay. You should have gone to Specsavers, lad.

  3. Well you've all been extremely helpful. Indeed I've seen the complete sets for sale on ebay of the Prisoner De Agostini part-work.....but that must be the trouble as to not seeing single copies of 'Living In Harmony,' the fact that I have been to Specsavers!

    Very kind regards