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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Number 6 and I are old friends!

     The General sees Number 2 brought back for a second term of office, despite his former failure. Although there is an argument for the blame for the failure of ‘A B and C’ to be laid at the feet of the doctor-Number 14, for not reporting that Number 6 had opened his eyes and had seen her. I wonder if Number 2 consulted the good doctor about a medical matter of his own, suffering as he is from a stomach ulcer?
   Number 2 has been brought back to The Village, if he ever left that is, in order to oversee the educational experiment of Speedlearn. So at least he has no direct involvement with Number 6, well not until Number 6 decides to involve himself. That message on the Professor’s tape recorder, that Speedlearn is an abomination, it is slavery, that the General must be destroyed, was like a red rag to a bull!
   If Number 2 thought the failure of ‘A B and C’ was bad enough, with the destruction of the General, the deaths of both the Professor and Number 12 is an out and out disaster!
    “Why?” says Number 2 having asked what the question was Number Six had asked……Yes I bet he did, why bring me back? Why indeed!

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