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Thursday, 2 October 2014

The Serving Butler

  The Butler serves without question, loyally, devotedly, each new Number 2 who takes up office in the Green Dome. But is that true? Might Mrs Butterworth have brought with her to The Village, her housemaid Martha? If she did, I couldn't see Martha putting up with the Butler in her kitchen, besides she would have been expected to live in the annexe behind the Green Dome, to be close to hand for her mistress. However that is clear supposition, there is no evidence for Martha having been brought to The Village by Mrs. Butterworth, except Number 36 in 'It's Your Funeral,' who's weekly allowance has been all used up. Factually yes both characters are played by Grace Arnold which doesn't mean the two characters are one and the same. However fictionally it makes it far more interesting.
   Then there's that almost elfin looking Number 2 of 'Dance of the Dead.' She's efficient that cannot be denied, but she does appear to lack that personal manservant, or housemaid. In other words, despite seeing the Butler out and about The Village, we never see the Butler serving this Number 2, as we have her male predecessors. In fact we never see the Butler in the same scene with this Number 2. Yes they are in the same scene at the Ball when sentence is about to be passed on the Prisoner, but they are not seen together in that scene. Well its hardly surprising really, seeing as 'Dance of the Dead' is very female orientated, so fictionally speaking it would not be surprising if Martha was still the housemaid to Number 2 at this time. That would account for the reason why the Butler is spending so much time out and about The Village!
   One other Number 2 who we do not see the Butler serving, is during 'Free For All,' mind you this is one episode in which we never see Number 2 in the Green Dome, not until at the end when he relinquishes the regalia of office, the scarf and shooting stick umbrella!

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