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Thursday 23 August 2012

Caught On Camera

    Why is it, Number 6 has bruising to his face, and blood trickling from the corner of his mouth? I know he took a beating back in that cave, but those were punches delivered to his torso. Perhaps there was more to the beating Number 6 took, while not "in camera!"
   Oh yes and another thing. Why did they bother to take the time to remove his piped blazer?

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  1. Hi David,

    after your posting about the second door from yesterday I rewatched that scene (as far as I could see he tried to escape through the main entrance) - and rewatched it again. And I've asked myself the same question (and some others, too). I think it could be an explanation that the beating continued unseen. According to one script he should have been beaten by the six men who surround Rover and they were to wear boxing gloves. I think those injuries look a little bit like boxing, don't they?

    The blazer.. ummmm.. Rover ate it?

    Kind regards,

    1. Hello Jana,

      I've also watched that scene again, and I got it wrong! Yes, we all have to make mistakes, sometimes we have to. Yes the two motor mechanics manhandle Number 6 through the double steel doors, but in the background is the single steel door leading through into the cave, through which they must have manhandled 6 through into Number 2's office.
      Yes, I think there is more to that fight in the cave than the viewer is privy to. I've seen production photographs of the two motor mechanics holding Number 6 in the position of the cross, one in which Number 6 is not wearing his piped blazer as per the finished episode. And another where he is wearing his piped blazer.

      Mmmmm., a blazer-eating Rover, stranger things were intended for Rover, like turning red, filled with the blood of one of its victims...nasty!

      Kind regards