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Wednesday 29 August 2012

Village Observation

   The Prisoner goes through his file during his debriefing with Number 2 in ‘Arrival’ from back to front, but the pictures displayed of the prisoner’s life upon the wall screen are from front to back, which demonstrates that the pictures upon the screen are not effected by the Prisoner’s attempt to confuse the matter.

    Cobb’s funeral not exactly a typical funeral the way the brass band plays the ‘Radetski March’, but is more in keeping with such  funeral’s as  in New Orleans, the type at which jazz or blues music is played.

   Number 6 it seems as Number 2 puts it “doing as the cave man did”, in that he made  his own tools, a stone
axe and chisel. Well that isn’t quite right, it should have been a flint axe and chisel, no one could chop down a
tree then carve the hull of a boat out of a tree trunk using stone axe and chisel!

     Number 6 under the guise of Curtis giving the password ‘Schizoid Man’ informs number 2 that number 6 is
dead, Rover got him!
    Well it’s Curtis who in fact died, which is probably just as well for him, because if Curtis had lived would he
have been allowed the privilege of leaving the village with the knowledge that he has? Some how after the failure t
to break Number 6, I don’t see Curtis being able to simply leave the village, but yet if Curtis had lived and so
remained in the village, there would be yet another set of twins in the village!


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