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Thursday 30 August 2012

Points of Note

    I was thinking the other day about that nasty over heating which Mrs. Butterworth was experiencing with her Lotus 7 in traffic, and I mentioned this to a mate of mine who told me how easy it was to rectify the trouble...... take that number plate off the grill, its obstructing air flow to cool the engine!                          
    Then of course there was that moment during 'Hammer Into Anvil' when during an interrogation session with Number 6, he pulled out that sword from his "sword shooting stick" and waving the tip of the blade in front of Number 6's eyes duly proded Number 6's forehead with the tip of the blade, you can actually see the indentation it made. "Ah you react!" said Number 2 with a sense of satisfaction. Well who bloody wouldn't, I ask you!
    In 'Arrival' No.6 asks the electrician, who has come to replace the busted loud speaker, why he drives those things.... the tractor, a bit slow! "In an emergency we walk" the electrician tells Number 6. Mind you, even though those little tractors are a bit slow, their mighty powerful machines. I saw one in 'Dance of the Dead'  pulling a trailer with three maids aboard, and they were going up hill. And have you noticed those taxis, Austin Mini-Mokes they are, and the drives, all be it females, are not that much different to those cabbies in London. Well the Prisoner was at the electronic free information board when this taxi pulls up.

"Where to sir?" the female oriental driver asks.
"Take me to the nearest town" the Prisoner requests.
"Oh we're only the local service" the driver replies.
"Take me as far as you can" says the Prisoner.
    Well the driver certainly does that, up road, down street. Up and back the same way twice, and the longest way round to get back where you started! But at least it didn't cost him anything, and the viewer did get a grand tour of the village. But in 'Feer for All' the taxi ride was somewhat different as Number 6 was being interviewed by the reporter Number 113. For as the interview had commenced, the taxi slowly drove along the street down towards the Town Hall passing buildings on the left. Yet as the interview progresses the taxi can be seen passing those very same buildings a second time. Well that street isn't very long down to the Town Hall, and the taxi would have arrived before the interview had been concluded otherwise.

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