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Thursday 23 August 2012

The Village Of Portmeirion

The Village Of Portmeirion

  Have you ever been to Portmeirion? I was surprised how small it is, not only in size, but in acreage the first time I wnmet there. Oh, there is plenty of woodland, and the hills and mountains beyond. But Portmemirion itself. You have to go there yourself to realise that all in the village is not at Portmemrion at all, but a stage set built at MGM studios  like the Recreation Hall, is a back lot at MGM studios.
   It was not until 1988 that I stayed at Portmeirion as a resident for a week, one teeny weenie week. On the first day I made the fatal mistake of trying to take all of Portmemrion in the same day. Dashing about here, dashing about there, and not really taking in anything at all. Not for the Prisoners sake, or for Portmeirion's own come to that. You have to sit down, look about you and observe.
   It was an incredible thing really, the first time, to be actually there in Portmeirion, following in McGoohan's footsteps so to speak. Not only that though, but to be actually staying there, to wake up the next morning in the village! To go for an early morning stroll, the rain in your hair, the wind on your cheek, invigorating that time of day.
    One day I shall go back there, when the need arises. Oh I always holidayed in Portmeirion once upon a time, well after 1988. Then there were Prisoner Conventions, and the occasional day trip. Yes one day I shall return, and when ever I have before it's really like coming home. Its difficult to explain. But once you've actually stayed at Portmeirion, there comes a time when you have to leave, and then to go back. Oh it doesn't matter the length of time you have been away, because whenever you return its almost as though you've never really been away.

Be seeing you.
  Post script;  Just like McGoohan, Portmeirion too can make Prisoners of us all.


  1. I read that McGoohan never went back, although I noticed you said he and David Tomblin did make unfulfilled reservations in the 1990's. I wonder if they lost their deposits?

    1. Hello Moor,

      That's right, Portmeirion have the booking letter from Patrick McGoohan. He and David Tomblin had intended to stay at Portmeirion prior to the production of the feature film of 'the Prisoner' they intended to make. No doubt to fix up plans to film at Portmeirion. But of course the Hollywood film producers threw McGoohan's script out, and therefore he and Tomblin never went to Portmeirion. And yes, just like anyone else, they would have lost their deposits!

      Be seeing you