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Wednesday 15 August 2012

Village Observation

   Number 6 was never ask to work or forced to work in the village, he must have become ever increasingly bored. However there is never any given sign of this.
    The village was not self sufficient, although we can see evidence of the village farm, cows in the nearby fields etcetera, and a farm would account for the daily fresh produce, the milk and potatoes and Ice cream for example.
Much of what the village needs is shipped in from the outside world and there are occasional ‘special imports like cuckoo clocks! And deliveries would be made at night when everyone is asleep.
    There is a huge support system outside the village, canning factories producing ‘village food’ and of course the labels for any ‘village product’ packaging, record labels, village darning needles, milk, sweets, cooking oil, tinned produce of every kind and village camera film for example, would have to be printed up by some company or other, not necessarily of course realising what village the goods were destined for, as secrecy would be the name of the game something which would easily be done under the terms of a government contract.
    The General store sells: Fresh vegetables-cauliflowers, cabbages, potatoes carrots, onions, tomatoes. Fresh fruit: Bananas, apples-Granny Smith’s, Cox’s Orange pippins, oranges, pineapples. Fresh cut flower’s. Eggs-brown and white. Bottled milk. Jars of sweet-herbs and spices. Cigarettes, the machine next to the door, only to be removed before ‘Hammer Into Anvil’. Magazines and Tally Ho newspaper. “Village” carrier bags. Freshly baked bred, French sticks. German sausages, links of sausages, Salami, home cured ham all hanging from a beam. Pork pies, cheese-Stilton and Danish Blue. Assorted tinned produce on the shelves all marked ‘Village Food’. Cooking oil, camera film, darning needles, bottled wine, rolls of cloth-plain and patterned.
Tea towels
Pots and pans
Kitchen utensils
Portmeirion pottery {penny plain horseman design} cups and saucers, salt and pepper pots.
Cornish ware plates, cups saucers and bowls
Galzed earthen ware coffee pots
Plastic laundry baskets-blue and yellow
Brooms-4 work units each
Carpet beaters
Rolling pins
Note books and pencils
Cuckoo clocks
Records- Bizet’s L’arlesienne suite {the Davier recording} A midsummer nights dream, Schonberg, Annie Fischer to name but a few.
Wicker baskets
Garden gathering baskets
Woven baskets
Cameras and accessories
    Then there are the village services, water reservoir and pumping station, electricity power plant-coal or gas turbine powered, which in turn would mean an enormous coal supply or gas pipe line, a sewage treatment plant which replaced the two huge sceptic tanks and a small landfill site for the village waste, some of which is taken away by those who deliver supplies at nigh time.
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