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Wednesday 22 August 2012

Postcard From The Village

   I've done it, I've lived next door to the Green Dome, in Chantry 1, when it used to be a self-catering cottage, twice in fact. I've still got a piece of that cottage, a piece of plaster which had come away from an outside wall. Why did I keep it? Well as a momento I suppose, a reminder of my holiday there.
  I recall the joy of sitting on the small balcony while drinking a cup of coffe, watching the day visitors go by, and thinking that by five thirty that afternoon, all the day vistors will have had to leave the Village, but I will still be here. I used to find that quite amusing, to think that I was living in the Village, while others were not. Mind you it wasn't so amusing come the following Saturday when I had to be out of the cottage by 10am, no longer a citizen of the Village.

Be seeing you

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