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Tuesday 14 August 2012

The Therapy Zone

"It's Good Agricultural Stuff"

    No.6 is heard to say during the fencing scene of The Schizoid Man and went on to say "But would hardly have got you my place on the Olympic team."
    Well this is all fine and dandy, but don't forget it's not No.6 who is saying this, but Curtis-No.12, the man who is impersonating No.6. So when he says "But it would hardly have got you my place on the Olympic team," of 1960 presumably, I wonder who is saying it? The Man Curtis himself, or is Curtis saying on the part of the man he is impersonating - No.6 - which of them was on that Olympic team do you think?
   And that's a curious turn of phrase "It's good agricultural stuff," I wonder where that expression comes from? Looks like I've got some more digging to do!

Prognosis Report On Number 6

   A daily walk around the village at 6.30 in the morning might be one thing. No.6 then climbs the Bell Tower, well perhaps he does just like the view! The subject is eccentric, certainly watching, waiting, constantly aggressive. 7.30 am sees No.6 having a physical workout with the subjects home made apparatus. 8.15 am No.6 cools off water skiing. 9 o'clock it's coffee at the cafe. 9.20 am chess on the lawn of the Old People's Home with an elderly opponent, the game ending in an 11 move checkmate win for No.6.  He then humours another eccentric citizen by having his portrait painted.
    According to the prognosis No.6 will at 10.19 exactly, take a stroll around the village. At precisely 10.20 he will go to the kiosk where he will buy a copy of the newspaper, The Tally Ho, a bar of soap, and a bag of sweets. Well this is all fine and dandy for a daily prognosis report on No.6, the emphasis being on daily. But surely it’s not every day Number 6 buys a bar of soap, and what's more, isn't The Tally Ho issued daily at noon?

Personal Column.................
..................... And Here Is A Message For No.6.

    I asked Number 113 why he sent such a message. Number 113 told me that he hadn't written any such message! Well I know Number 113, and if he said he didn't write the message for Number 6, then he didn't write it! I told that to Number 2, No.2 I said, Number 113 told me he didn't write this message to Number 6 and I believe him.......... "Of course he didn't write it you blithering idiot! Number 113 wrote it!" But Number 2, Number 113 told me he didn't write it, so how could........ "Number 113 was an old woman in a wheelchair - she died a month ago!" That would explain it then. "Explain what?" Why we've read nothing in The Tally Ho from Number 113 recently! "Oh get out, get out!"

Be seeing you

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