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Friday 31 August 2012

Village Observations

     Around the ‘free sea’ of the piazza the citizens parade round and round, the brass band plays as the musicians ride round in two open top taxis. A Town crier stands up in one of the taxis and rings his hand bell loudly.
The citizens cheer, but the cheering comes only from the public address system, the citizens themselves do not look at all like cheering, oh they parade around waving flags and twirl their open colourful umbrellas and parasols, yet the expression on the face of every citizen there is a look of bland expressionless, unfeeling and robotic like they go through the motions of Carnival.

    Number 2 actually played all six records on a record player in his office of the green dome. The sixth record came to an end at 11:42 am, each record had the playing time of 33 minutes 40 seconds which multiplied six times makes the whole playing time of 3 hours 40 minutes which in turn gives us the actual time Number 2 and the shopkeeper-Number 12 began listening to the records at 8:02am.
So knowing the time that number 2 began playing the first of the six records 8:02am, and seeing the ‘weasel’ of a shopkeeper-Number 12 scampering off to see Number 2, with records and Tally Ho under his arm soon after Number 6 left the general store. We can judge that the general store opened early for custom, sometime in fact before 7:30am.

    Number 6 captured a Pigeon with the aid of a wooden box and part of a ham sandwich as to lure the bird in the box. Having done so, Number 6 then attaches a piece of paper to the Pigeon via the ring upon one of its legs, the piece of paper containing and encrypted message. Where Number 6 thought it to be a homing pigeon or not did not in the end matter as it was already at its home, and in any case Number 6 wanted the pigeon caught because he wanted Number 2 to receive the encrypted message.

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