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Friday 17 August 2012

The Penny Farthing Badges

  It has been something of a question over the past decades within the circle of Prisoner appreciation, why the penny farthing upon the village badges face opposing directions, left or right?
   Well for myself it could mean to have political undertones, to the right or left of the centre of the party. However this does not take into account the penny farthing badge worn by Number 6, not that he wore it on too many occasions, twice in fact. On the morning upon which he was discharged from hospital in Arrival. Upon that occasion the penny farthing pointed to the left. The Number 6 badge worn by the schizoid man in the episode of the same title, the penny farthing pointed to the right! The man wearing the Number 6 badge may not have been the same, but the number remains a constant, and the penny farthing, to suit the political persuasion of any person wearing such a badge!
   However, this does not take into account the penny farthing badge worn by the Oriental taxi driver in Arrival, where one moment the penny farthing faced one way, and another the next! Could such a badge have the ability to change itself? No, of course it bloody well can't! I think there is a danger here, of seeing far too much in what may be a very simple thing.
    However, having said that, there is another curiosity about these penny farthing badges, and it is this. A black penny farthing upon a white background, and a white penny farthing on a black background. And there I think you have the negative and positive of the thing, and therefore the answer!

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